Winter Wedding Ideas

When planning for the Big Day, seasonal themes needn’t be over the top; but sprinkling seasonal details throughout your wedding, from the colour palette to the menu, can work wonders for the ambiance, whether you’re aiming for the magical whimsy of winter or the fresh romantic feel of spring.

Colour scheme

For winter weddings, deep and royal colour palettes in shades of plum, berry and gold reflect the richness and decadence of the season’s traditional food, drink and dress, from robust red wines to plush furs. Colour schemes in shades of blue, white and silver also work beautifully in the colder months, conjuring images of powdery fresh snowfall and sparkling icicles.

Floral arrangements

Seasonal accents like pine cones, pine and evergreen boughs, holly, privet berries, and cranberries can be added to centrepieces and to the bridal party’s bouquets to enhance the wintry atmosphere. Whatever the floral arrangement, colours should be deep and luxuriant; if opting for flowers in soft shades like white and cream, contrast these against dark berries and dark green leafy fillers. In the elegant setting of our historic wedding venue, arrangements in these wintry hues instantly create a look of vintage sophistication.

Favours for guests

There’s ample room for creativity when choosing winter-themed wedding favours. Guests can be given hot chocolate kits in handy mason jars, or a basket of soft blankets can be left at the entrance to the reception for guests to take on their way home. Goodie bags can include seasonal treats like gingerbread men, cake pops and macaroons decorated with snow-like white chocolate and sugar crystals, or packets of your favourite tea or coffee. Scented candles or soaps in flavours like peppermint, cranberry and wood smoke are also hugely popular tokens in the winter season.


An inventive way to achieve the cosy feel of winter at your wedding is by adding creative seasonal cocktails to your menu. Spicy, warming cocktails mixed with bourbon and whisky are always a favourite, while cranberry, chocolate or peppermint-flavoured drinks are also appropriate, adding a touch of wintry glamour that guests will love.

A setting for every season

Your venue should be suited to the season. At Langdon Court, our pastoral surroundings and 16th century manor house add elegance and refinement to weddings of all themes, no matter the time of year. For more information on our wedding packages, contact us today.