Three Beach Wedding Tips

As one of the most unique seaside wedding venues in Plymouth, Devon we thought we'd provide you with some useful tips...

We’re renowned as one of the most unique seaside wedding venues Devon has to offer. Thanks to our close proximity to the beach and stunning surroundings, your big day will be perfect. Follow our advice to see that it goes off without a hitch…

From Beach to Bar

Whether you have your ceremony on the beach, or wish to tie the knot elsewhere and take photographs in nature’s finest surroundings, it has never been easier to go from the beach to the bar. We’re not at all far from Wembury Beach, so you and your party can head down there for some photographs and merriment before returning to the manor to party the night away. After a five-minute drive or a 30-minute stroll, the beach will be in full view and it offers a spectacular setting to reflect on your big day or for the little ones in attendance to have some fun.


If you are going to enjoy the beach on your big day, then don’t forget to consider appropriate attire. We strongly suggest that you set up a shoe station, as you don’t want your guests to spend the day with sand in their shoes. You could even provide flip flops for when photographs are being taken, that they can then change out of before they had back to Langdon Court. Don’t forget the obvious – if it is windy then try to avoid wearing a veil and if it is a hot day, opt for light attire. Be sure to avoid the water’s edge if you don’t want to damage your dress! We’re one of the longest standing wedding venues in Devon, so we know how changeable the weather can be. Be prepared!

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Photography Settings & Ideas

Langdon Court offers impressive sea views and easy access to Wembury beach, so why not take advantage of them? If your family want to take some shots in addition to your professional snaps then we have some advice. You will be contending with natural sunlight from all angles – the Sunny f/16 Rule will help you speedily and correctly estimate your exposure. Follow it by setting your aperture to f/16 and your ISO to 100. You will need your shutter speed to be set at 1/100 – though these settings only apply to SLR or DSLR cameras.

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Advise family or friends to maintain an aperture of f/16 and only alter this shutter speed or ISO when it will benefit the shot that you want to take. An example would be changing your ISO to 400, then decreasing the shutter speed to 1/400 – you wouldn’t touch the aperture. If the light is reflecting off the sand, you can try reducing the aperture to f/22.

Silhouette or horizon photographs set against a sunrise, sunset or bright backdrop will look spectacular and can even be used as the photograph for your thank you cards. Other composition ideas include walking along the shore, dramatic coastline shots that adhere to the rule of thirds and reflection shots in the water.

If you want to arrange some spectacular beach photography for your big day, then be sure to take a look at our Wedding Suppliers page. Some examples of photography at our manor and on the beach can be seen here and here.

To learn more about our manor and one of the most unique wedding venues Devon has ever seen, then contact a member of the team today.