Modern Twists on Wedding Traditions

Some wedding traditions are steeped in history and religion; as one of the longest standing and most renowned wedding venues Plymouth has to offer, we are certainly familiar with what wedding preparation can entail.

Flowers & Cake

The cutting of the cake has always been looked forward to as a traditional part of any wedding celebration. Nowadays, couples are opting to move away from not just the fruit filling, but the concept of cake altogether. If you want to still keep a tiered masterpiece, then you can opt for different fillings that represent you both as a couple; think cream, chocolate, strawberry sponge – the list is endless. If you don’t want a big to-do about cutting the cake, why not have mini cakes on your guest’s tables as centrepieces? You can go for an assortment of flavours or even serve ice cream, macaroons and mini patisseries instead.

While the bouquet toss has been looked forward to (and feared!) by singles over the years, lots of brides have decided to no longer throw their flowers. Instead, they offer the arrangement to a family member or another special person in their life.

Seeing Each Other

Do you believe that it is bad luck for the bride and groom see each other before the wedding? Here at Langdon Court we firmly believe that your day should be done your way. Some couples opt to abide by tradition and separate a day or two or at the very least the night before, the big day.

If you don’t want to follow this tradition, you can have breakfast together with your family or meet up before the ceremony for pre-wedding photos. This is a splendid opportunity for taking pictures pre-ceremony that will capture when you see each other for the first time. You can also make a break of it and stay pre- and post-wedding, making even more memories together.

Something Old & Something New

Everyone is familiar with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. If your something old is an heirloom, why not repurpose it for your wedding day? You can attach a brooch to a piece of ribbon or fabric and wear it as a cuff or a choker. Smaller items can be used as hair adornments or even placed on your shoes.

For something new, why not decide on a stunning new fragrance for your wedding day? It’s the perfect way to remind yourself of your wonderful day by associating all the celebrations with a scent.

Something Borrowed & Something Blue

Wedding day memorabilia traditionally comes from mothers or grandmothers. To put a twist on tradition, your father or grandfather can contribute by offering a tie or bowtie to wrap around your bouquet. You could also use a set of their cufflinks within your floral arrangement, or opt to forgo something borrowed altogether. For something blue, you could have your wedding shoe soles customised to be a shade of blue that you love, go for a blue theme or have your wedding dress or veil showcase a slight blue hue.

Guest Books & Giving Away

Gone are the days of traditional guest books – lots of couples are moving towards having video clips recorded instead to bring signatures to life. Set up a video photo booth with props and a chalkboard and your guests can leave you funny and heartfelt messages.

Some people feel uncomfortable with the idea of being ‘given away’ at their wedding. It stems back to the days of arranged marriage and now some brides are escorted by both parents or walk down the aisle by themselves.


Whether you decide on no electronics and want to let the photographer capture all of your special moments or want to encourage your guests with hashtags, there is always a fresh new way to put a spin on photography at weddings.

If you opt for no photographer, leave instant cameras or disposable cameras (with plenty of film!) on the tables so guests can build an album of your special day from their perspective. You could also have guests use an app to take photographs and use hashtags on Instagram.

These are just some of the traditions you can twist and tweak to suit you both on your wedding day. Whatever you envision, Langdon Court can make your Plymouth wedding dreams become reality.

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