Looking Back At The Royal Wedding

Longing to add a regal touch to your special day? We share our tips and look back at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's big day.

If you want to host your special day at one of the most unique wedding venues Devon has to offer, then read on for how to emulate the day for yourself.

Choosing the Date

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married on May 19th. This fell on a Saturday (one of the most popular days for couples) though their decision to wed on a weekend went firmly against royal tradition. Royals usually opt to tie the knot on a weekday, prime examples being the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge marrying on a Friday and the Queen herself on a Thursday.

Whenever you decide to marry, be it a weekday or a weekend, Langdon Court can provide decadent wedding packages. Devon is a location that thrives in all seasons, so you can be sure that your day will be beautiful no matter what. Whether you are looking for an intimate gathering, a grand affair or an exclusive atmosphere, with last minute dates available on a limited basis for each day of the week, as well as exclusive use hire and entirely bespoke planning, your day will exude all the elegance and decadence of a royal affair.

Your Rings

It is becoming the norm for couples to discuss wedding rings. Some opt to wear theirs around their neck on a chain, some decide to not wear one at all. If you both like different metals but want to stick the tradition then opt to imitate the royals and choose a ring that is unique to you. Gifted Welsh Gold by the Queen, Meghan’s wedding ring was traditional and classic, with Prince Harry’s boasting a textured finish in platinum. This is a unique way to have your marriage complement your own personal tastes. It is interesting to note that Harry opted to wear his ring, unlike his brother Prince William who decided not to due to personal preference. Their father Prince Charles has always worn a ring, though despite being married to the Queen for nearly 70 years, Prince Philip does not.

Your Guest List

Deciding on who will join you on your big day is no mean feat. For Prince Harry and Meghan there were approximately 600 guests in attendance, which is conservative compared to other royals. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wed in front of 1,900 guests, and Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip invited 2,000 people to their 1947 wedding (not including television viewers around the world, of course!). Our 16th-century manor is both enchanting and inviting; we can accommodate many guests (though not on the scale of the royals!) thanks to our range of boutique rooms and suites. If you want the grandeur and exclusivity of royal nuptials, then look no further than a property that was once owned by Henry VIII’s wife.

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