Four Reasons To Take a Boutique Break

Do you prefer staying at an independent hotel or do you remain with a chain? Here's why we prefer independent...

If you travel frequently, then you probably know what your own personal tastes and preferences are when it comes to accommodation. As one of the finest boutique hotels in Devon, we thought it was time to share some of the reasons why you might opt for a boutique stay versus a chain or regular hotel.

Personal Attention & Independence

Boutiques go back to basics and then embellish and elevate their offering to surpass all expectation. Gone are the days of impersonal greetings, budget ideologies and lacklustre amenities. Boutiques seek to excel at customer service, so staying in a boutique hotel means you should expect to feel pampered. From unique furniture and luxurious bedding to higher quality food, a smaller hotel can accommodate your needs and deliver a passionate and bespoke service.

That’s just part of the many benefits to avoiding a chain property; guests can not only enjoy a more bespoke service, they can also take advantage of more perks and better treatment. Case in point – at Langdon Court we are able to offer rewards to guests who book directly with us. Not only will you receive the best rate, you will also receive some other complimentary surprises…


Could you name the differences between boutique and conventional hotels? One of the first things to note is usually the décor. At Langdon court, we team historic touches with modern embellishments to offer a truly unique, though decadent, experience. No two rooms are the same, and you won’t find such tangible heritage anywhere else. Modern design, beautiful finishes and designer touches – our team never relent when it comes to attention to detail, that’s why many guests return time and time again to stay in different rooms and experience Langdon in its entirety. You won’t find such variety in a chain, that’s for sure.

Location & Heritage

Nothing compares to a manor house hotel. Devon is a county that adores tradition, so the chances of finding a hotel that embodies such history is slim – unless you opt for a boutique stay, of course. Able to provide a genuine feel for the area they reside in, boutique hotels such as Langdon Court provide guests with a local understanding that can’t be beaten. A reliable source of information thanks to the amount of time the property has existed in some way, shape or form (we have ties to the Domesday Book and Henry VIII), your break will benefit from the true character and admirable architecture that is exclusive to a boutique hotel.

Luxury & Atmosphere

Avoid monotony and treat yourself to an experience. If you long for luxury rather than functionality, then a boutique hotel is the way to go. Boasting a warm welcome and never too many rooms than staff can handle, a boutique hotel can grant you a glimpse into the service and hospitality of years gone by. Not only can you enjoy more lavish features such as decadent bedding, lounge spaces and bathrooms, in properties such as Langdon Court you are able to dine from an award-winning menu that encapsulates the entire getaway.

‘Boutique hotel’ was coined by Steve Rubell in 1984 when he compared his first hotel to a boutique. We hope these reasons convince you to try out the luxury and bespoke nature of a boutique hotel for yourself.

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