A Walk Through Plymouth’s History

Grab a cuppa and read a little bit into the history of the UK's 'Ocean City'...

With a history that extends back to the Bronze Age and an involvement in the Industrial Revolution that allowed for a thriving economy built on both export and imports, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to Plymouth’s past. Luckily, the residents of Plymouth are keen to share what they know, which is why in May you’ll find the Plymouth History Festival in full swing.

We’re firm believers that Plymouth is a city best explored on foot, and when it comes to learning about Plymouth’s history we make no exceptions. Historical walking tours are hugely popular in the city, and they’re one of the best ways to get to grips with what our fascinating city was once like and how it came to be as it is today. To help you along, we’ve compiled a guide to a few of our favourites.

Train through the Plymouth countryside, south hams devon

Laira heritage trail

The Laira heritage trail extends north from the Laira Bridge, along the Plym Estuary. Along this trail you’ll find a series of 13 bronze plaques, each giving you a short description of its location, as well as a historical snippet or some detail about a surviving structure. The plaques are great for kids too, thanks to their pictures that are suitable for brass rubbings.

Butterfly a walk through Plymouth history

Blagdon’s Meadow

A designated Country Wildlife Site, and home to several notable Devon species such as the bee orchid, sea couch, and the common broomrape, this is the perfect walk for a nature enthusiast. The natural history is bounteous, but so is the man-made. Once in Blagdon’s Meadow you’ll find The Embankment, which was built in 1802 and acted as a waterfront. When you’re there, you can read the nearby information to find out more.

Plymouth church

Walks with History

Walks with History is a Plymouth-based walking group, offering walks around the city that include historical points of interest. They offer short walks of up to 30 minutes and longer walks of up to 90 minutes when the weather is warmer. This is a great way to explore Plymouth with the people who know it best. To find out more, visit their web page.

Walking for your health


Langdon Court garden

Hopefully you’ll now be armed with all you need to know to start exploring Plymouth. If you’re looking for somewhere to rest your tired feet at the end of a good day’s walking, then Langdon Court will be able to accommodate you. To find out more about our luxurious manor house rooms, get in touch.