8 Wedding Proposal Ideas

Anticipating or planning a proposal can be the most nerve-wracking time of your life. As one of the most sought after South Devon wedding venues, we have heard plenty of engagement stories and are on hand to help you with planning the moment you pop the question to your loved one. Here are Langdon Courts top 8 proposal ideas…


Sleepy Surprises

As your loved one sleeps and dreams of the future, why not slip the ring you have chosen on their finger? Complete this special moment by serving them breakfast in bed and they’ll soon realise that something is different. Once they aren’t as sleepy, you can have a lovely moment together, just the two of you, to bask in the proposal. We have a Sunday offer that would be perfect for such an occasion – and it wouldn’t arouse suspicion from your partner!


Wine & Dine

A lavish meal with great wine is always a sure-fire way to win over your partner and let them know how much you appreciate them. Our kitchen is renowned for its award-winning cuisine, and our Taste Of Langdon Experience offers fine dining and luxury accommodation all in one place. Better still, we would be more than happy to have Chef prepare something extra special for you – one of our servers could also pass you the ring for near the end of your meal, or present it with dessert.


A Pretty Picnic

Another idea that involves food – a simple yet romantic picnic. You can create your very own hamper, full of tasty treats, patisseries, savouries and little touches that make it clear that you know your partner well. Add a bottle of Champagne and you can truly celebrate when they say yes. Pick a secluded spot for ultimate privacy, and don’t forget a blanket to cuddle or recline on!


Family & Friends

Asking friends and family to help is a beautiful way to involve everyone in your proposal. This idea is usually favoured by couples who have close family, and who can enlist them to help avoid ruining the surprise. Other people can take some responsibility for keeping the soon-to-be Fiancé or Fiancée distracted. We like the idea of going on a day out together, armed with balloons, kites or signs. Your partner won’t see it coming!


Tale As Old As Time

If your special someone loves to read, then your proposal is best suited to a book. From a scrapbook filled with memories of your relationship to a book that has pages bursting with reasons why you want to spend the rest of your life together, your love story can be an intimate moment between you both. Better yet, you can keep the book you made as a keepsake and even showcase it on its own stand on your wedding day.


Lucky Location

A monument, a location, a city or a spot that means the world to you both – propose here and happy memories will be further embellished by your proposal. Sometimes, it’s showing your partner that you remember where it all began, or where you fell in love, that can make the proposal even more special.


Written In The Sand

Given our close proximity to Wembury beach, we have heard lots of stories of proposals on the beach. Write your proposal in the sand, tie it into a picnic, or simply go for a stroll. The love of your life can look down and gradually make out the words, giving time for their meaning to sink in and for you to drop to one knee with the ring. Hold your wedding with us at Langdon Court, and you can return to that special spot for some spectacular wedding photographs too.


Pet Perfect

Given Teddy’s popularity, we are quite surprised that he has not been involved in a proposal yet! If you have a beloved pet, we think it is a fantastic idea to securely put the ring on their collar for your loved one to find. Not only does this involve a special member of your family, your furry friend can also have the job of delivering a crucial part of your proposal and joining in the happiness when they say yes. Teddy loves to appear in wedding photos during people’s special days at Langdon, so it won’t be long until he is involved in a proposal, we are sure! Should you wish for your pet join you when you stay at Langdon the night of your proposal, for a getaway or for your big day, we have detailed our dog-friendly outlines here.



Once your loved one has accepted your proposal, there will be a flurry of activity as you celebrate with family and friends. Once you are ready to set the date, be sure to give our dedicated wedding coordinator a call. We are one of the most luxurious wedding venues in Devon, so you can be confident that your day will be created and delivered exactly as you wish.


No other South Devon wedding venues compare to Langdon Court. Contact a member of the team today for your show around and to discuss your perfect bespoke package.