Planning a Scrumptiously Sophisticated Wedding Menu

Food is integral to life, and we believe that food should be a central part of your wedding day. There is nothing better than eating all together, and it is unlikely that you will pull both sides of the family together again on this scale. Such a grand occasion demands a grand menu—one that conveys the elegance and sophistication of your day, while also being downright delicious and leaving your guests wholly satisfied.

At Langdon Court, we can provide your guests with tailored menus, cooked by our award-winning chefs. Our latest wedding menu oozes both elegance and sophistication. However, we know that planning such a menu is no mean feat, so let us run you through how to create a scrumptious and sophisticated wedding menu.

 On arrival at your venue, guests—not to mention the bride and groom—will want to relax after the whirlwind of the ceremony. A cool glass of Champagne or Prosecco always goes down well at this point, but also consider a crisp, refreshing cocktail such as a Kir Royale, a Martini or a Pimms-based drink.

It is important to start with light dishes, packed with flavour, which will set the guests’ taste buds tingling and prod the appetite awake. Soups are a popular choice of entrée, and on this season’s menu we have concocted a richly textured Beesands crab soup with a brandy cream, while also offering a more traditional white onion, thyme and mascarpone soup.

Its delicate flavour and light texture also make fish an excellent choice of starter, and our chefs have created a mouth-watering dish of succulent scallops baked in the shell, with smoked bacon mash and cheese sauce, as well as a classic prawn cocktail with cos lettuce. Pâtés and parfaits are also good for the same reason and work wonders when accompanied by a zingy chutney. Our chicken liver parfait served with crostini and red onion marmalade is a testament to that combination.

Now you have teased your guests with the luscious flavours of your starter, it is time to delight them with hearty, wholesome dishes. Our seasonal menu includes pork belly, duck leg, beef fillet, lamb rump, chicken, sirloin of beef and a selection of fish-based dishes, giving you a huge range of choice when setting the menu. If you have a smallish guest list, it may be worth checking your guests’ preferences.

Now we are into the cooler months, we recommend serving satisfying dishes with stock vegetables, such as our slow-cooked duck leg with potato rosti, burnt baby leeks, and celeriac purée, or our lamb rump served with dauphinoise potatoes, carrot and vanilla purée, and braised baby carrots. If you’d prefer fish, you could opt for our cod fillet with charred peppers, pickled olives, confit garlic, watercress and tomato salsa, or, and this is one of our favourites, our sea bass fillet served with chorizo jam, wilted spinach and a roasted purple sprouting and citrus dressing.

For larger parties, always cater for all your guests by including a vegetarian and children’s option. At Langdon Court, we have three options for vegetarians which you can choose from, including our nourishing homity pie with sautéed new potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a mushroom sauce, and our olive, confit garlic, fennel and tomato linguini.

The most important part of planning any menu, for any event, is being able to tap into the expert knowledge of a professional chef

No meal is complete without a good dessert. According to some, dessert is vital as it helps digest the hearty meal that precedes it. According to others, the word dessert derives from ‘deserve’ and is something you have earnt. Whichever camp you’re in, dessert throws up a splendid array of sweet ingredients you can exploit, from juicy fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, to the more nutty flavours of carrot cake, and the naughtiness of chocolate-based dishes and home-made ice cream.

Our chefs have a bottomless love of desserts, and offer a wide range of inventive options. These range from traditional desserts with an interesting twist—for example, warm carrot cake with carrot sorbet, white chocolate mousse and hazelnuts—to dishes you definitely won’t have tried before—such as strawberry soup!

The most important part of planning any menu, for any event, is being able to tap into the expert knowledge of a professional chef. Although you may be something of a wizard in the kitchen, an experienced chef will guide you through designing a menu that strikes the right balance between eccentric, modern, and traditional, while ensuring that your day will be brimming with delicious flavour.

At Langdon Court, we pride ourselves on the high-quality food that our award-winning chefs produce year-round. Our mouth-watering menus, which are constantly reinvented and updated, demonstrate the creative flair and passion of our chefs. If you would like to find out more on how our chefs can cater for your fairytale wedding in the stunning surroundings of Langdon Court, please contact us today.

Wedding photography by Keith Riley Photography