Getting the Most Out of a Wedding Fair in Plymouth

Getting the most out of a wedding fair

The question has been popped (you said yes!), the engagement ring has been admired, and copious amounts of toasts have been made. Now that you’re starting to settle down after the excitement of the proposal, it’s time to actually start planning the wedding day itself.


This might be where you start to panic. All you know about weddings is that the dresses are pretty, guests expect to be fed, and there should probably be some music. You have no idea about flower arrangements, cake toppers, or how to pick a bridesmaid’s dress that all three of your chosen bridesmaids will agree on.

Don't Panic

Never fear. This is where the wedding fair comes in. Wedding fairs are the perfect opportunity to get some one-on-one time with the professionals. Before you arrive at the fair, we recommend making a checklist. You’re probably going to attend more than one of these events, so what specifically do you want out of this one? If it’s a wedding fair that’s taking place at a wedding venue, then you might want to focus on the catering they can provide, for example.

Write down questions for specific suppliers and you’ll feel much more confident in asking them.

We’d also suggest that you attend at least one fair with a friend or relative and one with your fiancée. Different opinions for different things are vital. Your fiancée will want to be involved in a lot of the decisions made, but probably won’t be interested in looking at bridesmaid accessories.

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Enjoy yourself at our wedding fair

Vendors at good wedding fairs are pre-screened, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for references or examples of their previous work.

Photographers will have portfolios, but it’s also good to check out any testimonials they might have. Exchange contact details with the vendors that you’re interested in, so you can ask any follow-up questions you might think of once you’re home.

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Lastly, wear something comfortable and enjoy yourself! A pair of sensible shoes is essential, as wedding fairs can be tiring. Treat yourself to cake samples (all in the name of research) and sips of sparkling wine if Mum has promised to be your designated driver. This is where your planning journey begins; don’t let stress ruin the experience for you.

Langdon Court has a number of wedding fairs coming up in the next few months, details of which can be found on our website.

get the most out of a wedding fair