7 Reasons to Book a Winter Staycation

Going on holiday doesn’t mean saving all year so you can travel halfway across the world; your next great getaway could quite literally be right around the corner and could be far easier to plan than you think. Here in the UK, we boast some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, from the glittering seascapes of England’s south coast to the majestic highlands of Scotland, making Britain the perfect destination for a ‘staycation’.

Not only does the UK offer sites of exquisite natural beauty, but with our rich and colourful history stretching back two millennia, there are also endless opportunities to take a nostalgic journey into the past, creating a local holiday experience that is scenic, eye-opening and unforgettable.

At Langdon Court, we offer unrivalled luxury at a country setting steeped in historic elegance and English charm—the ideal backdrop to a quintessentially British staycation. Within easy walking distance of Wembury Cove and the South Coastal Path, our coastal surroundings and the grandeur of our 16th century manor house are just a couple reasons to book your stay with us; the cold months also bring many reasons to treat yourself to a British holiday, so here our top seven reasons to treat yourself to a winter staycation.

Although filled with all the fun and cheer of Christmas, the holidays can also be immensely stressful. From the back-to-back Christmas parties to the hectic shopping and the pressure of hosting guests, it’s no surprise that the yuletide season can leave many of us feeling a little worse for wear. Booking a winter staycation can be the ideal way to recover from the holiday hubbub, taking time to relax and replenish your energies. Even if it’s just for a night or two, you’re sure to feel completely rejuvenated after a nice, long lie-in in one of our suites, followed by a day of strolling by the seaside.

There’s an unfortunate tendency to under-appreciate all that we’ve got to offer right here in the UK: in the summers we make a beeline for the beaches of France and Spain, and in the winter, it’s off to the mountains and cabins of Europe. However, we’ve got just as much wintry beauty as any of our continental neighbours, especially here in the South Hams countryside, where the snow-dusted pastoral landscapes could be taken straight from a postcard.

The cold nights and short days of winter can affect us all, so what better way to boost your spirits than with a much-needed staycation? Not only will a British holiday give you something to look forward to, helping you stave off the winter blues, but staying at Langdon Court’s seaside location is sure to lift your mood. Just a stone’s throw from South Devon’s beautiful coastline, the fresh salt air will help you sleep better and feel calmer, while leisurely country walks will make you feel a million miles away from your worries.

It’s been proven that stress levels are higher in the winter months than any other time of year, so this means you should take the time to get some first-class R&R. Boutique hotels abroad are much like Forrest Gump’s proverbial “box of chocolates”—you never quite know what you’re going to get; but having a winter staycation at Langdon Court means you can count on plush, beautifully designed rooms and exquisite dining at our award-winning restaurant, because we pride ourselves on upholding our manor house’s centuries-old tradition of elegance and luxury.

If there’s one top reason to opt for a staycation this winter rather than travelling abroad, it’s because discovering the UK is the most hassle-free way to get away. There’s no need for passports, visa appointments, vaccinations, long flights or anything other than your train ticket and an overnight bag.

If there’s one top reason to opt for a staycation this winter rather than travelling abroad, it’s because discovering the UK is the most hassle-free way to get away

Is there any season more romantic than winter? Whether you’re sipping wine by the fireside or braving the cold while strolling hand in hand, chilly weather is made for bundling up together. So, there’s no better time of year to whisk your significant other off for an amorous getaway at our hotel, where you can spend the day exploring charming South Devon and its picturesque coast, and then curl up in a super king-size bed for a cosy night in.

Without the added expense of an international flight, staycations are a much more affordable option than travelling abroad, no matter the season. Not only does that mean you can afford to indulge in a little extra luxury and book a King or Queen suite rather than a standard room, but it also means you can still treat yourself to a holiday after the heavy Christmas spending. Our offers for luxury mini-breaks make it even more manageable to book a winter staycation.

For all these reasons and more, make this winter one to remember, and discover the crisp wintry beauty of the South Hams countryside and the South Devon seaside. For more information, or to book your stay, contact us at Langdon Court today.