Langdon Court Hotel on UK map

Five per cent of Brits apparently don’t know that Stonehenge is in Britain, according to a survey by a tour operator that was reported in the Independent newspaper.

The same survey (of 2,000 people) revealed that more than half did not know the highest mountain in Britain, with some thinking it is Mount Everest; about 25% thought Ayers Rock was in the UK.

The lack of home-grown geographical knowledge could be attributed to the fact that many of us rely on sat-navs and Google maps to tell us where things are. If 20% of Brits don’t know how to pinpoint Blackpool on a map, the recent campaign by VisitBritain is probably a good thing.

Fortunately, the kind of guests who visit Langdon Court Hotel and Restaurant are generally quite capable of finding their way towards Plymouth and off the A38 to Wembury, where our luxury hotel is situated.